BOWIE Photography At Our Galleries

BOWIE Photography At Our Galleries

In producing our February 2018 exhibition and sale we worked with the photographers who worked with the legend. Our inventory of David Bowie photographs got a boost and we continue to sell this fascinating range of Bowie images worldwide through our galleries in New York City, West Hollywood and Maui.

Our BOWIE exhibition boosted our vast inventory of photographs from some of Bowie's most iconic personas. From his start as David Jones to his space alien, gender-bending turn as Ziggy Stardust, to his performance as The Man Who Fell to Earth, his transformation into the Thin White Duke and his ongoing creative collaborations that inspired us all. David Bowie, and the photographers that captured him on film, continue to be celebrated.

Search our website or contact our galleries to view these photographs by Duffy, Lynn Goldsmith, Bob Gruen, Guido Harari, Geoff MacCormack, Terry O’Neill, Neal Preston, Mick Rock, Masayoshi Sukita, Barry Schultz and Barrie Wentzell. Morrison Hotel Gallery is honored to have the opportunity to showcase the exceptional work of these photographers while chronicling the career of the groundbreaking artist who forever changed the music scene.

Here's a look at some of the images available as fine art prints.