Drummer/Lyricist Neil Peart of Rush - Photographer Patrick Harbron Remembers

Drummer/Lyricist Neil Peart of Rush - Photographer Patrick Harbron Remembers

In remembrance of Neil Peart, our photographer Patrick Harbron reflects:

"I started my career in photography with RUSH more than 40 years ago.
Neil died way too soon at age 67. His performance, influence and power as a drummer is unparalleled. We have sold several of my photographs of Neil to clients of Morrison who obviously feel the same way, here is a story I would like to share about him.

When I was putting together my retrospective exhibit at Albany Museum in NY in 2016, I called Pegi Cecconi at Anthem Records to ask if RUSH would lend an item for the show. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame sent guitars for display from Eric Clapton Joe Walsh and Les Paul. It didn’t seem right not to have something from the band I started with. There was a section of the exhibit dedicated to my favorite drummers and my photographs of them. A photo of Neil from the ‘Power Windows’ tour was featured. Having the massive kit set up in Albany was not an option, It was in Calgary at the National Music Centre. Solution. Neil had a cymbal and a pair of gently used drumsticks sent to Albany to add to the display of my work. The display was a hit.

When it came time to take down the exhibit, I asked if I could keep the sticks. They would go over my desk with my framed pair of drum sticks from Ginger Baker, a drummer both of us grew up with and were once inspired by..
Peg called. Neil quickly agreed and the sticks are displayed as promised. I’m looking at them now. Thanks for everything Neil."

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