Most Important Albums of the 2010s According to MHG Staff

Most Important Albums of the 2010s According to MHG Staff

Photo: Henry Diltz, The Doors, Morrison Hotel, Los Angeles, CA, 1969

The 2010’s have been nothing if not remarkable, seeing a pendulum of sociopolitical progress, the careening of pop culture unto new frontiers with the advancement of digital media and streaming culture and without ever really pausing to take it all in, another decade comes to a ceremonious close. In reflecting upon these tumultuous times which have historically lent themselves to the convulsive spirit of creative revolution, we cite this decade as being a particularly momentous one in terms of music as well. Between the ambitious transcendence of genres with pop proving more progressive than ever before, sonic ambition is at at an all-time high. Before counting down to 2020 with our friends at The Roxy, several of our staffers have agreed to lend hindsight, expertise and personal ruminations to compile a short list paying tribute to the most enduring albums of the past decade. In no particular order, here's what they had to say...

"I love this album because I can listen to the whole thing over and over, but I was invited to their show a few years ago at the Forum by a really great friend and client of mine and we had the best time celebrating with KOL!"
Casey Kaplan
Gallery & Sales Director, Los Angeles

"To me, Lemonade is an art performance and is one for the history books with it's brilliant social and cultural commentary and stunning visuals that tell a fully-realized, thought provoking story of empowerment from start to finish."
Jamie Bucherer
Sales Manager, Los Angeles

"In and of itself, Heaven Upside Down is a masterwork of dark wit and intense poetics. Both in terms of Manson's personal creative journey and social commentary, this album takes you back to his roots to revisit many of the same issues that are as relevant today as they were in the 90s. He fought through the backlash of Antichrist Superstar and now he is reveling in that same energy from a more mature point of view. It's dark, its sexy and it allows you to revel in its darkness."
Marcelle Murdock
Gallery Director, New York City

"If we were to fill a time capsule with the most important albums of the 2010s, Art Angels is a major contender for a few reasons. Albeit not necessarily my most-listened, this concept album is a gestalt of all the codified values that have defined the decade while still somehow defying those very ideals to produce a cohesive monument to music future. A pastiche of pop sensibility, cutting-edge technological innovation, experimental influences and millennial commentary on the human condition pushed to a point of near-cacophony, Art Angels is pure pop abstraction and a veritable sign of the times with an allegorical brilliance that very well may signal the rumblings of a new movement within the music canon on par with the Abstract Expressionists that came before."
Daniel Walters
Content Director, New York City

"Before I ever listened to Tame Impala I was fortunate to hear them live in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Their concert blew me away and I've been a fan ever since. Currents is the type of album that you can listen to over and over and never get tired of it."
Matthew Stavro
Fine Art Specialist, New York City

"The album was released in 2016 which was an exciting and glowing summer for my friends and I. We would drive around with the windows down blasting the album from start to finish until we knew every lyric. Because of that, every time I listen to the album, it brings me right back into my car driving around with friends on warm summer nights."
Ava Campana
Intern, New York City