CBGB Age of Punk Show

CBGB Age of Punk Show

In May 2018, it was a punk rock and CB's reunion hosted by DEBBIE HARRY and CHRIS STEIN of BLONDIE to launch our CBGB Age of Punk show.

World renowned photographers in the show came to celebrate: Mick Rock, Lynn Goldsmith, Bob Gruen, Allen Tannenbaum, David Godlis and Ebet Roberts. Trash in Vaudeville fashion icon Jimmy Webb brought it all home outfitting Morrison Hotel staff with his I NEED MORE line of clothing. Pictured here are gallery staff Marcelle and Matthew, also talented artists who recreated the infamous facilities at CB's in which all could fondly reminisce...

This show ended June 17, 2018 but many of the photos on the walls remain in our inventory. We are more than happy to show you these beautiful prints and more.

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