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  • David%20Bowie,%20"Loves%20to%20be%20Loved"

    The Best Photographs of David Bowie

    Celebrating Bowie who would have been 71 this year on 1-8-18. We represent some of the best photographers who created the iconic David Bowie photos that...

  • Sonny%20Terry,%20Beacon,%20NY%201958

    Gregg Allman's Picks from the Morrison Hotel Gallery Archives

    Looking back, not too long ago, we worked with photographer Patricia O'Driscoll who had access to Gregg Allman during his last touring years. We began...

  • Tom%20Petty%20

    Tom Petty, Photographs of A Beloved Artist

    Tom Petty, a staple of rock radio through decades with his band the Heartbreakers and his collaborations with rock legends, died in 2017, way too soon,...

  • Fleetwood%20Mac,%20Rotterdam%20Harbor,%20April,%201977

    From Amsterdam, With Love

    From a Los Angeleno relocated to Amsterdam 40 years ago, Barry Schultz had access to some of our favorite bands from the era when the city took the world...

  • Joni%20Mitchell,%20Lake%20Mendota,%20NY%201976

    Mick Fleetwood's Picks

    Legendary drummer and Fleetwood Mac founder Mick Fleetwood has looked through the Morrison Hotel Gallery archives and selected a few of his favorite photographs....

  • Bukka%20White,%20Kilby%20Snow,%20P.%20Brown,%20Ora%20Watson,%20Howlin%20Wolf

    Blues Photography

    The Blues, an American genre of music originating in the Deep South of the United States around the end of the 19th century and developed by African Americans...

  • John%20Lennon,%201968

    John Lennon in photographs

  • Prince,%20Roselands,%20New%20York%20City,%201988

    Photographs of Prince

    Purple Rain, Little Red Corvette, 1999 - songs that became anthems of the times. Hitting the spotlight in the 80s, not only did Prince release a series...

  • Pearl%20Jam%20-%20Drop%20In%20the%20Park,%20Seattle%201992

    Pearl Jam 1992-1993

    "We're going to play, we're going to take this to some level that people aren't going to forget,'” lead singer Eddie Vedder said in the band's biography...


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