Joni Mitchell Photographs by Graham Nash, 1968-70

Morrison Hotel Gallery is proud to present this amazing gallery of Joni Mitchell photos. Like any great love song, the idyllic union of Joni Mitchell and Graham Nash was short and bittersweet, leaving traces behind through inspired classics such as “River”, “Our House” and “My Old Man". However, what truly remains of the tumultuous romance that would come to an end via telegram in the summer of 1970 while Mitchell was away on the island of Formentera collecting some much-needed inspiration for Blue are the memories captured on film by the singer-songwriter's then-boyfriend and CSN member Graham Nash, offering an intimate glimpse into the folk icon as seen through his rose-tinted lens and fly-on-the-wall, non-intrusive style.

Shop our collection of Joni Mitchell photographs by Graham Nash below.

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