Catherine McGann's Photography at Morrison Hotel Gallery

New York born photographer Catherine McGann began her career in 1986, shortly after graduating from art school, as a Contributing Photographer at the Village Voice newspaper. Soon she was shooting a weekly nightlife column, a gig which continued for the next fifteen years. Throughout the late eighties and nineties Catherine documented the tumultuous, downtown New York scene; a decadent, raunchy and chaotic underground populated by artists, writers, actors, drag queens, and of course musicians.
Commissions from publications such as the New York Times, Spin, Entertainment Weekly, People, Guitar World and record labels such as Mute and Rykodisc soon followed.
During this time, Catherine returned again and again to music as a subject and inspiration, photographing everyone from Peggy Lee to Marilyn Manson; from Dexter Gordon to Eminem. Music has always been a passion bordering on obession for her, and continues to be. Ready for a change, she packed up her negatives in 2001 and moved to Los Angeles, where she currently lives with her husband and two children.

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