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Exhibit continues through May 31, 2009

The speed of the Beatles evolution would have stunned Charles Darwin himself. In 1964, they were singing "I Want to Hold Your Hand". Just two years later they were experimenting with tape loops and writing songs about death, taxes and meditation.

Thanks to Whitaker's camera, we have an all-access pass to the Beatles at the midpoint of their career; approximately three years after their first No. 1 record and three years before their partnership had disintegrated. Whitaker was also a photographer and war correspondent during the Vietnam War.

Whitaker's involvement with the Beatles was extremely controversial when he photographed their most notorious album cover now known as the "butcher" cover. Many myths have grown about its symbolism, but the photographer puts the record straight: "It was inspired by a dream I had about the Beatles being ripped to shreds by all these young girls when they came out of a stadium."

The Morrison Hotel Gallery exhibit will feature many rare images of the Beatles and the super group comprised of Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker known as Cream. The Sixties gave us the juxtaposition of war and peace and this unique show will feature that counterpoint with Whitaker's stunning photographs of his days as a war photographer in Vietnam. The photographs will be available for purchase at all of Morrison Hotel's Galleries and online.

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