The Best of David Bowie

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts..."

When Shakespeare penned the now-classic line, he might as well have been prophesying a world forever redefined by the theatrical genius of David Bowie. Upon the star-studded occasion of the Starman's 74th birthday, we reflect upon the lifework of a manifolded legend. Though the visionary's catalogue of conceptual personas included the likes of Aladdin Sane, Major Tom, the Thin White Duke and perhaps most recognizable of all, Ziggy Stardust, it's no secret that the life lived by the mortal behind the mask is an enigmatic masterpiece in and of its own creation. Indeed, the world looked on at the trappings of each otherworldly alter-ego with dropped jaws and starry eyes yet at the altogether human core of each is the fragmented, meta-autobiographical account of a pop cultural conduit of celestial proportions. Challenging socio-political norms of gender, celebrity and identity, it would be shortsighted to simply prescribe the artist to having been ahead of his time when, in fact, he was their poetic subverter all along. Timely and topical as ever, Bowie is revered as having revolutionized the role of the socially-engaged performer, liberating himself, his fans and countless contemporaries in the process.

A half-decade since his physical departure from this planet and into the great unknown, our world continues to celebrate the progressive memory of one of the most prolific pop cultural figures of all time, a canonical master on par with the likes of William Shakespeare and Vincent Van Gogh. Happy Birthday, David Bowie; may God's love be with you and may the view be a beautiful one, wherever you are..

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