With The Band: Groupies & Other Girls

Predating the Penny Lanes of the world are the GTOs (Girls Together Outrageously). For those unfamiliar with these unsung heroes of music culture, their irrefutable impact is not necessarily that of a band but more often that which is ascribed to being with them. While they opened for acts like Alice Cooper, New York Dolls and the Stooges, the GTOs were less rock group, more femme-positive thought experiment and art prank, paving the way for an entire league of unruly all-female acts (the Runaways, the Go-Go's, L7) that would follow. They're groupies and so much more; they're muses, mothers, lovers, stylists, tour managers and the women for whom great songs are written.

With photographer Baron Wolman at the helm of Rolling Stone as the magazine's first chief photographer, these sequin-cheeked deities graced the cover in a special 1969 issue titled, "The Groupies and Other Girls." With a roll of monochrome film and a backstage all-access pass into the music world, Wolman captured a different side of what it means to be "Almost Famous", profiling the likes of Miss Pamela, The Sanchez Twins, Miss Mercy and Lacy among others. At only 21 years old, Lacy sits against the photographer’s stark studio backdrop with the past and posture of someone twenty years her senior. The quintessential muse takes a drag from her hand-rolled cigarette, gathers her thoughts and memories from San Francisco days spent with the Steve Miller Band and nights out in England with the Yardbirds and reflects, “I was on this thing where I was only interested in outrageous people. Musicians were the only cats who were groovy enough…You see these other little chickies all doing that. You see yourself in them. Oh and it’s, you know, embarrassing.” Today, the stories and portraits of Lacy and her compatriots live on within the archives of Wolman and between the glossy pages of his 2015 book, ‘Groupies and Other Electric Ladies’, available for purchase at all MHG locations as are all of the photographs featured in this collection. Please contact a Morrison Hotel Gallery sales associate to inquire.

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