Barbara's 2019 Holiday Picks

As a kid, Christmas season involved day dreaming, precisely what these photos evoke! ...a sound proof she-cave/drum room, decorated with line-in-the-sand challenges. From over the top reckless Keith Moon, to 'in your face get out of my way' Ginger Baker, with a taste & tempo reminder from Ringo, complicated simplicity from Mick Fleetwood, and why less is SO SO much more, from Mr. Charlie Watts! Master Eddie 'practice till you drop' Van Halen, and David Gilmour because he's David Gilmour! The fabulous Buddy Rich mocking that not everything is in reach, but at least reach for greatness. My main influencer, Monster hitter John Bonham adjacent to 'not to be dismissed' Karen Carpenter, as a footnote that harder and heavier doesn't automatically mean better, just different. Never forget STYLE! so I'd top it off with Elvis eye-candy. The sign over the door "BE GREAT, DRESS GREAT, LOOK GREAT" The twelfth photo space is reserved for dreaming about what might be attainable.

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