Bob Marley

Born February 6th, 1945, Jamaican singer-songwriter Bob Marley would go on to vanguard the Rastafarian counterculture movement and the mainstreaming of reggae music on an international scale but neither Rome nor reggae were built in a day. Gaining rise and global recognition with the 1963 formation of The Wailers punctuated by chart-toppers like "Simmer Down" and "Get Up, Stand Up" followed by a tour engagement with Sly and the Family Stone that was cut short on account of the fact that the band was becoming bigger than the acts they were opening for, Marley's transition into a solo career would prove a natural one in the years post-dating the group's 1974 disbanding. Finding his beat with the international breakthrough of "No Woman, No Cry", Marley became not only an impressive performer but moreover a prolific political figure. Though cut short by illness at the age of 36, the career of Bob Marley would come to encompass thirteen studio albums and a true immeasurable impact on culture which continues to gain  post-humous traction. A pivotal figure of visual culture in the 20th century and beyond, Bob Marley also proved a favorite subject of many Morrison Hotel Gallery as this collection corroborates with a breadth of iconic images that may be purchased as fine art photographic prints at all three gallery locations and online through our complimentary concierge service. 

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