Joni Mitchell Photographs by Guido Harari, 1988-91

"I met Joni in 1983 during her last European tour. We hit it off immediately and she always made me feel as an equal. To her, we were both artists, speaking the same language, in a kind of telepathic way. I photographed her many times under all circumstances: on the road, in concert, in a photo studio setting, working on her paintings exhibitions, at her home in Bel Air. We loved to experiment and bring down all barriers, and most of all have fun doing it. One sitting at her house lasted 15 hours, just because the conversation would never stop and we would try to use every possible prop in sight. She pretended she'd never noticed her resemblance to a beautiful wooden mask from British Columbia. So I urged to make herself up, so that the make-up would match the mask's and pose with it. It was too late and she didn't have the right kind of make-up, so we gave it a good try but had to forget about it. Well, she did not forget and use the idea in her video for "Two Grey Rooms.” -- Guido Harari

"Two Grey Rooms" was Mitchell's final single released under Geffen Records in 1991.

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