Happy Birthday to Dolly Parton & Janis Joplin

Upon the star-crossed occasion of two music legends' birthdays, a double-header homage to the larger-than-life accolades of two phenomenal female artists seems only fitting. At first glance, queen of country Dolly Parton and high priestess of psychedelic rock Janis Joplin may share little more than a flair for the dramatics yet to know anything of either is to acknowledge some prolific overlap that is most certainly more than meets the eye. Both icons who have taken active stances in the fashioning of unique vocal stylings as brilliant and bold as their show-stopping visuals, the unlikely duo is perhaps better understood in contra. The yin and yang of a perceptively subversive ideology, one may argue that the feminist empowerment that lies within Joplin's brash sound and unapologetic demeanor which coalesce in certain defiance of cultural norms pertaining to gender and sexuality find their polar yet equally profound counterpart in the likeness of Parton, a hyper-femininity may otherwise be described as "a protest in heels." Like two sides of a single coin punctuated by sharp features and sharper tongues, the brilliance of either gleams in poignant parallel. To these ends, we wish the happiest of birthdays to Janis Joplin and Dolly Parton, two fiercely talented and independently empowering artists whose indelible contributions unto the world at large are not to be underwritten or easily forgotten.

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