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  • Joni%20Mitchell,%20Hills%20of%20Laurel%20Canyon,%20CA%201970

    Casey's Holiday Picks

    Casey enjoys helping her clients find the perfect photograph to add to their collection and helping new clients discover their favorite musicians or actors...

  • Andy%20Warhol%20&%20Debbie%20Harry

    Jamie's Holiday Picks

    Jamie initially made the move from New York to Los Angeles to work as a production assistant to a high level director on major motion pictures. Her passion...

  • Aretha%20Franklin,%20Detroit,%201996

    Susan's Holiday Picks

    Working for the gallery for almost a decade now, Susan is very familiar with the archives of the incredible photographers represented by Morrison Hotel...

  • Rolling%20Stones,%20Beggars%20Banquet,%20Keith%20&%20Pug,%20London,%201968

    Marcelle's Holiday Picks

    As a visual artist growing up within Montreal's underground Punk Rock scene, convergent passions drew Marcelle to pursue a career at Morrison Hotel Gallery....

  • Hunter%20S.%20Thompson,%20Gramercy%20Park%20Hotel,%20NYC,%201977

    Matthew's Holiday Picks

    Rock N' Roll was a later discovery for Matthew as he grew up listening to Jazz, Blues and Classical music with his parents. The foundations of Hip Hop...

  • Patti%20Hansen%20and%20Keith%20Richards%20

    Julia's Holiday Picks

    Originally from Los Angeles, Julia found her musical roots in the Folk Rock that emerged from Laurel Canyon in the 1960s and 70s. After meeting Henry Diltz...

  • Patti%20Smith%20&%20Robert%20Mapplethorpe,%20New%20York%20City%201969

    Daniel's Holiday Picks

    Uniting his convergent passions for the arts, writing and anthropology, Daniel Walters has taken to task the title of Content Director at Morrison Hotel...

  • Kendrick%20Lamar,%20Bonnaroo,%20Manchester,%20TN,%202013

    Kendrick Lamar Photographs

    Congrats to Kendrick Lamar for leading in Grammy nominations 2019 with Black Panther! We are so proud to have these beautiful photographs of the artist...

  • Cardi%20B,%20Coachella%20Festival,%20Indio,%20CA,%202018

    New Rock and Pop Artists

    Morrison Hotel Gallery is excited to present a set of new rock, pop, and hip hop artists from the 2000s including Twenty One Pilots, Panic! at the Disco,...


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