Night Fever

Drawing on inspiration from those that paved the way in glitter and grit, Morrison Hotel Gallery presents NIGHT FEVER, a photographic anthology of nocturnal tradition on view at 116 Prince St. and starting Friday, May 7, 2021. Spanning from Studio 54 and CBGB to the incorrigible rise of club kid culture, this exhibition celebrates the communities, cultures, and creativity that make nightlife worth staying up for.

True to the spirit of any great nightclub with its unlikely pairings of legends and locals, glamour snobs, moguls, and gormandizers alike all occupy certain space within Night Fever. Going beyond velvet-roped tropes, select work from Bill Bernstein, Ron Galella, Lynn Goldsmith, Bob Gruen, Rose Hartman, Catherine McGann, Allan Tannenbaum, Charlyn Zlotnik and more offer viewers a rare glimpse into the bass-heavy heart of an enigmatic ideal once coined by Andy Warhol as “dancefloor democracy.”

However and in light of a particular present, a myriad of prevalent themes are brought to light throughout. Most crucially, this exhibition explores debaucherous evenings illuminated by flash bulbs and a moral moonlight by which sober truths are abstracted, drawing into question the value of memory and human interaction as can only be materialized on candid camera. About more than just bygone bacchanalia, dance floor liberation and a pre-pandemic world’s simple pleasures taken for granted, NIGHT FEVER explores the creative life force of culture and community through the lens of those that lived it, fabulously.

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