"Ring Of Fire" & Other Solar Sensations

Did someone say "Ring of Fire"?

Just around sunrise this morning, early risers across the Northern Hemisphere caught a glimpse of a rare solar eclipse. Whether it looked more like a "ring of fire" or, as astrophysicist Jackie Faherty notes, "the 'Death Star' [passing] in front of the sun as it's rising," this phenomenal appearance is accredited to the moon being at or near the most distant point in its elliptical orbit around the Earth. For that missed it, fear not as another solar eclipse is on the horizon for December 4, 2021.

From "Space Oddity" to the Carly Simon classic about a self-absorbed lover who flew a Learjet to Nova Scotia "to see the total eclipse of the sun", Morrison Hotel Gallery presents a new playlist and photographic collection inspired by the spectacular solar experience. Featuring more than four hours of music inspired by today's spectacular solar experience, your ears can enjoy the eclipse for the same amount of time that the moon's shadow spends crossing the U.S. For information on these and more beaming additions to your personal collection, please inquire via your local MHG sales associate.

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