Joni Mitchell, Newport Music Festival 1967 Photographs by David Gahr

Morrison Hotel Gallery is proud to present this amazing collection of photos of Joni Mitchell at the Newport Music Festival by David Gahr. When welcomed to the stage by Judy Collins and some light obligatory applause from those in attendance at the Newport Folk Festival in the fateful summer of 1967, it’s hard to imagine that a relatively unknown singer-songwriter by the name of Joni Mitchell would not only leave the stage to standing ovations and a thunderous roar of cheers and applause but continue to do the same throughout the world over the next four decades. A tough act to follow, the living legend that is Joni Mitchell was not just willed into existence but rather the result of a long and tumultuous journey, rendering classic the rare images of the bright-eyed and burgeoning artist captured by photographer David Gahr.

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