Mick Fleetwood's Picks

From Morrison Hotel Gallery partner to purveyor of some of the most enchanting percussion lines in music history, legendary drummer Mick Fleetwood has not only kept time for the better part of a half-century but somehow manages to transcend it with a distinctive sound and quiescent superstardom as the Fleetwood Mac namesake provides a gut-punch tom-tom counterpoint to classics and contemporaries alike in the enduring desideratum of sonic innovation. Unsurprisingly, the enigmatic powerplayer is not only the subject of a great many of fine art images within the MHG archives but also a fan in his own right. In asking Fleetwood to handpick a few of his personal favorites, this collection offers fans a rare and revelatory glimpse inside his aural vision through visual codifiers and genre-defying virtuosity. For inquiries and more information on how you can acquire any of these photographs for your personal collection, please contact your local gallery sales associate or consult our complimentary online concierge service.

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