The Sound of Hands by Cristina Arrigoni

The Sound of Hands by Cristina Arrigoni
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Cristina Arrigoni’s first monograph, 'The Sound of Hands' features 60 “hands” portraits in color and B/W, showcasing a wide array of musicians including but not limited to Johnny Winter, B.B. King, John Mayall, Jackson Browne, Wille Nile, Albert Lee, Charlie Musselwhite and Donovan in addition to accompanying full portraits of each ultra-talented subject.

Cristina’s work is highly compelling and emotional. Her soulful vision and understanding of the music she loves and of the people who create it, make for a welcome change from your usual music portraiture. As Elliott Murphy writes in the book, “Her photos always manage to magically capture the true grit of a musician's journey, both on stage and off. There is both a hyper-realism and, at the same time, other-worldly quality to her work that, for me at least, ranks among the very best rock photographers of our time. And what could be more essential then the hands of a player, where we try to make love out of steel."

Cristina is very clear re her goal as a photographer, which is “to discover and shine a light on great unknown musicians all around the world and give them visibility through my images. I want to show something about them that stays forever. I look to find beauty wherever it may be, even in the most distressed situations.”

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