Chris Stein

Chris started taking photographs in 1968. During his last years at the School Of Visual Arts in NYC he began hanging around the early downtown rock scene. In 1973 he met and began working with Debbie Harry and together they founded the band Blondie. Chris was always taking pictures of the milieu that surrounded Blondie and was lucky to be on the inside and able to mingle with many pioneers of the new wave and punk music scenes. His photos of Debbie have helped establish her as an international icon.

Chris head shots by Marco Bakker
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Main Photograph
Debbie Harry & Clem Burke, 14th Street, NYC
© Chris Stein, 1977
"Chris recently brought this photo to the gallery and our staff gathered around to hear him talk about the early days of Blondie. He said head's turned when you saw his bandmates walking down the street, they looked different and had that mod/punk look. I love the NYC street scene of the 70s. He pointed out the guy with the teardrop sunglasses being some kind of Matthew McConaughey-Dallas Buyers Club look alike... I love my job."
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