John Cohen

John Cohen Photographer John Cohen is also a film maker and musician. He performed and recorded with the New Lost City Ramblers for fifty years. He first met Bob Dylan in 1961, photographed and filmed him in 1962, interviewed him in 1969 for Sing Out! Magazine, and in 1970 made the photographs, which will be exhibited.

Cohen has been making photographs since 1954. His photographic outlook was formed before there were photography galleries. At that time the only work for a photographer was in photo journalism or in advertising, and neither was what he wanted to do. Instead he made his own personal photographs, as well as documenting things which were important to him: mostly the artists and musicians. His photographic inquiries lead him to the Andes and to Appalachia, where he photographed traditional musicians in their own home settings. His photographs found use on album covers, and served as preliminary trial runs for his later film projects.

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