Elaine Mayes

Elaine Mayes Elaine Mayes began as a photojournalist in the 1960's. She photographed musicians and current events, and in 1967 the Fantasy Fair in Mill Valley, California and the Monterey Pop Festival. Her book of photographs and writings called, It Happened In Monterey, (about Monterey Pop) is a definitive publication about that Summer of Love seminal concert event. She also became the official photographer for the Steve Miller Band, and she and poster artist, Victor Moscoso produced the innovative first Miller album cover, Children of the Future. In 1968 she became one of the first of three women to teach photography in the University of Minnesota, was on the founding faculty of Hampshire College and retired from NYU's Tisch School as Chair in 2001. Along with teaching she followed her interest in doing fine art photography but also continued with photographing the music scene including The Punk and New Wave era in New York, and a later series called, Portraits of Musicians and Celebrities on Television. Elaine has an international reputation for her landscape, conceptual documentary and candid photography. With the assistance of a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1992 she produced a book about Hawaii called, Ki'i no Hawaii (Photographs from/of/about Hawaii) 2009, photographs that cover a 20 year period and present aspects of land and culture. Since her retirement from teaching Elaine has continued with her photographic work. Her Monterey Pop images can been seen on the Pennybaker DVD (The Complete Monterey Pop Festival) and a recent anniversary CD called Monterey International Pop Festival (sold in Starbucks 2007) also features her pictures. Her Monterey Pop photographs were exhibited at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2008, and are in their collection. Pictures from her 1968 Haight Ashbury portrait series were shown recently at the Metropolitan Museum and Museum of Modern Art in New York. Her music pictures also were included in an exhibition at the Minneapolis Institute of Art called, San Francisco Psychedelic, and other musician photographs are presently on exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum.

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