C. Taylor Crothers

C. Taylor Crothers Born in 1971, Rising Sun, MD. Crothers graduated Washington & Lee University with a Bachelor of Arts in 1993.

Crothers moved to New York City in 1995, where he worked as a Music, Advertising, and Documentary photographer. After founding CTC Creative, Crothers quickly established himself as a go-to shooter in the entertainment industry. Initially known for his talent in live performance photography, Crothers expanded his reputation photographing album covers, magazine features, and publicity.

In 1999, his desire to diversify his photographic skill set led him to start photographing Architectural and Aerial photography. Enjoying the challenge of this new direction, he built a brand new client base and developed his own style of Architectural and Real Estate photography. Crothers is a seasoned architectural shooter, working closely with many companies across the United States.

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