Cristina Arrigoni

Cristina Arrigoni My passion is blues music, so I began shoot many blues musicians here in Italy and in Switzerland, just to learn. During this time I met Willie Nile in Italy in April 2010. At the suggestion of a friend, I went to shoot his concert and was very moved at what I heard and saw. From the very beginning he was supportive of my work. He believed in it and strongly encouraged me to continue to follow my passion. Since then we have been working together and I try to translate his music and his personality with images.

We have much in common and we meet somewhere between the cracks and corners of the world where there is beauty. We, each in our own way, look to seek it out and deal with the world’s realities in different ways. He does it through music and song. I do it through photography. It’s sometimes strange and dreamlike but it’s beauty just the same. I believe in the power of music and photography working together to show people a deeper view of this world.

I want to continue to document the unknown blues musicians to show the passion and soul and mystery that they give to people when they play. They have very little visibility in this world yet they make people richer with their music even though they are still poor. It’s a way I can give something back to them.

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