Christy McNamara

Christy McNamara I was the first ever Irish winner of a Communication Art award for my photograph of the fiddle player Paddy Killoughery. My work has been shown from London to Los Angeles and throught Europe and Scandanavia. It is in the collections of some well known art collectors. In the last year I had shows in New York, Los Angeles,La Jolla in San Diegio and also in London.Some of the inspiration for my work comes from me being a musician(see "The Living Note"the heartbeat of irish music'with the writer Peter Woods.
The series "ART IN ASHES", came about as a result of the Momart fire in Leyton in London in 2004 which destroyed some of the most important British art works held in the collection of Charles Saatchi. This series of 6 images are in Large format Black and White Silver Gelatine Prints.They depict the remains of the burnt out building where they were held in storage. These were first shown at The Avenue Restaurant in St James in London in June 07. The Exhibition was opened by Mr Philippe Garner of Christie's. The show recieved critical acclaim by the Press. (see "Irish Times")

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