Eddie Sung

Eddie Sung At 44, Eddie Sung re-invented himself, from a clean-cut corporate head-honcho (in the First Half of his life) to a bearded rock photographer (in his Second Half). He simply wanted to explore the Outer Frontiers of his artistic Inner Calling.

His bold decision to take the off-ramp saw swift results - he swept the first, second & third prizes of the 2006 Lucie Awards for Non-Pro Music category. His rock images now grace the walls of Hard Rock Cafes, rock musicians’ CDs, DVDs & websites, as well as covers/ pages of leading newspapers and photographic magazines. He has published a trilogy of well-received art/photography books – Eclectic Sanctum, Monochrome Manifestos & Sonic Solitude. You can check out more of his rock images at www.eddie-sung.com.

He lives, happily ever after, in sunny Singapore with his wife and two children. In his spare time, he remembers to run his fine-art gallery “Monochrome & His Coloured Cousins”.

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