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Arthouse 18 Arthouse 18 consistently crafts culturally elite yet accessible experiences that resonate on multiple levels through a celebration of human greatness and taking pride in creatively producing artistic exhibitions that marry a strong narrative with high-end art while offering the collector the finest in carefully curated, unique photography.

Trendsetters in Triptych is Arthouse 18's latest creation. According to Arthouse 18 founder, Joseph Baldassare, this collection was curated to "shine a bright light on those individuals whose immense talents have altered our collective cultural consciousness and paved the way for all to follow." All triptychs have been exclusively printed for the exhibit and are presented on one full sheet. Each triptych is signed and numbered by the photographers and offered in a strictly limited edition of ten.

In cooperation with Morrison Hotel Gallery, Arthouse 18 has curated the following collections with D A Pennebaker based on his seminal music documentary films and now available through the Morrison Hotel Gallery:

Fine art prints curated from D A Pennebaker's film about Bob Dylan DONT LOOK BACK

Fine art prints from the film by D A Pennebaker MONTEREY POP.

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